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Mary Wegzyn, Author: Be A College Athlete: The Play By Play Guide

13 January 2016 (Original Post Date)


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College coaches have a finite amount of scholarship money to give student-athletes each recruiting season. Coaches try to get the best athletes with those funds but they also try to stretch those dollars as much as possible. In sports where one scholarship is sliced and diced into pieces shared by multiple student-athletes, it is often wondered how the coach determines who will get which piece of the pie. Sometimes, the highest valued recruit will receive the most funding, but this is not always the case. Far too often, the coach determines what the perceived “need” is of the recruit’s family and makes offers accordingly.

Back in the day, coaches would try to visit student-athletes in their homes to make scholarship offers. Small school coaches, who have smaller recruiting budgets, often recruit multiple student-athletes from one city or town that is within driving distance from campus. Before the coach placed a foot in the door of any recruit’

If a student-athlete is talking with a large number of schools, there is a greater likelihood that multiple scholarship offers may be received. In this situation, it is important to leverage those offers and negotiate the greatest amount of scholarship money possible for the student-athlete. If the student-athlete really wants to go to School A but School B offers more money, the student-athlete can inform the coach at School A of School B’s offer and ask if it can be matched. Coaches are competitive people and they often will match the offer of another school to “win” the recruit. Of course, always be honest when negotiating and leveraging – bluffing is not allowed! The coaching world is small and the likelihood of a bluff being discovered is great.

If a scholarship offer is extended to a student-athlete and it is less than needed, be up front with the coach. Coaches, especially the ones who have been on a campus for a number of years, usually have a relationship with a specific financial aid counselor who may be able to find the additional funding necessary to attend that particular school.

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How to be a college athlete

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