How To Be A College Athlete

The 3 People Who Need to Know You Plan to Play College Sports

Mary Wegzyn, Author: Be A College Athlete: The Play By Play Guide

22 March 2016


Be A College Athlete teaches student-athletes to go through the recruiting process independently and NOT to count on any coach to help with the recruiting process.  With that being said, there are three people a student-athlete MUST inform if they want to play their sport at the college level.

 1.  HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR:  It is important for a student athlete’s high school guidance counselor to know if the goal is to play sports at the next level.  The guidance counselor assists all high school students with course selection and progression toward graduation.  The guidance counselor also will have info from the NCAA regarding which courses are accepted and how those courses qualify to meet the NCAA standards and regulations.  The student-athlete needs to make an appointment with the guidance counselor initially to have it noted in their records that the student-athletes wishes to play sports in college, and then the student-athlete needs to mention it during each subsequent meeting and ask the guidance counselor to review the requirements and check the student athlete’s academic progress toward the NCAA requirements.

2.  COACH:  A coach needs to know if a student-athlete plans to play at the next level for a number of reasons.  First, the coach can help the student-athlete identify areas of performance where improvement can be made.  Next, the coach can give the student-athlete a realistic opinion of the level where the athlete can compete.  Finally, some coaches may have contact with college programs and may be able to put in a positive word for a student-athlete.  Also, if a random college coach calls the student athlete’s coach, the coach will be prepared to give a positive reference.

3.  HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:  Sometimes, a college coach stops by a high school for an unannounced visit with a coach and the coach is not at the high school at that time.  When this happens, the college coach meets with the high school athletic director.  If the athletic director does not know that a specific student-athlete intends to play a sport at the next level, the athletic director cannot give the college coach information on the student-athlete.  Most high school student-athletes leave their athletic director out of the loop.   When the Be A College Athlete team gives presentations at high schools, most athletic directors comment that he or she had no idea many of the student-athletes in attendance plan to play sports in college!

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How to be a college athlete

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